Hidden gems and secret Paris tour

The Paris off-the-tourist-maps

90 min / FREE TOUR - tip only
11am every day

booking in advance is optional
(groups of 8 and more please book)

What's in our tour?

On this Hidden Gems and Secret Paris tour, a born-and-raised Parisian uncovers 1,001 treasures that do not register on tourist maps – within minutes of the Louvre Museum and the River Seine.

We meet outside the Louvre glass pyramid for early discoveries: the too-easily-missed perspective invented by Napoleon as “the ultimate view of Paris”, the secret the “Da Vinci code” doesn’t want you to know, and the lavish café that fills up with locals as soon as the museum closes for the night.

Through a dark arcade, we peek into the Louvre museum’s sculpture collection. We then enter a closed-in garden initially designed by the king’s brother as a safe haven for gambling and escapades for the aristocracy. We stroll about, and enjoy the flower beds, the quiet harmony, the controversial art by Buren, and the sophisticated shops – and we peek at the official residence of the Chairman of the French national reserve bank.

We then meander our way into an elegant parade archway – only recently cleared of cars and restored for the general public.

We discover a Parisian “passage” – the ornate, high-ceiling, 200-year-old ancestor of the “shopping arcade”. The passage we visit is now home to such exclusive stores as Louboutin shoes’ exclusive shop.

We then “stumble upon” stately place des Victoires, designed by the chief architect of Versailles and designer of the Hall of Mirrors. At the center, we enjoy our second horseman statue of the Sun-King for the day.

We then access a former convent courtyard which seems to transport us all the way to Rome – including religious artifacts for sale.

Our finale is inside galerie Vivienne – an “indoor-street” built inside a building, and a master-piece of elegance.
In order to see more on this tour, we do not spend time going inside each building.


• an on-going flow of hidden gems and secret places

• shopping and photo opportunities not listed in guide-books

• free-flowing conversation with an engaging and enthusiastic guide, and uninterrupted shopping & eating tips from a born-and-raised local

• 90 minutes, in English, with a surprisingly short and comfortable route

Where and when?

Our Secret Paris tour start on time every day at 11 am rain or shine and last a leisurely 90 minutes.

Every day at 11am.

We meet outside the Louvre pyramid, by the horse statue

This tour ends in central Paris, 5 minutes away from a metro station.

Groups of 8 and more please book. We advise large parties to book a private tour. In the interest of all guests, we reserve the right to accommodate or to turn down large groups.

Why take this tour?

This secret of Paris tour will make you feel like a true Parisian. Bring with you your map of Paris and a pen, so you can find these places again.


This is a free walking tour (you pay the guide what you want at the end of the tour), and no reservation is needed.

Walks-ins are always welcome.
Be at the Paris secret tour meeting point 5 minutes early.

If you wish to book in advance, use the booking button on the right side of this page.

Privatize this tour

Groups of friends, families, and school groups looking for an opportunity to share private time together often reserve a private guide.
A private tour is €125 or €240

Other information

This tour is wheelchair accessible

Average tip on this tour: €12
Average time: 1 hour 40 minutes
In central Paris near metro Bourse

Look for our distinct pink vests

secret paris tour meeting point louvre


outside the Louvre glass pyramid - at the foot of the horse statue


11 am every day rain or shine

Metro station

closest station : Palais Royal -musée du Louvre (line 1)

Additional information

Average tip on this tour: €12
Average time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Average number of guests 8

This secret Paris tour ends in central Paris

Look for our distinct pink vests